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🌹✒🪘African Influence In The Caribbean – Timucua Arts Foundation🪘✒🌹

Join percussionists and Dimas Sanchez (Puerto Rico) and Thobos Lubamba (Congo) for a master class and concert! The two musicians will be joined by professor Eric Wright for a discussion of
rhythms from Congo and their influence in the Afro Puerto Rican genre known as Bomba as well other Caribbean rhythms. Following the master class, enjoy an evening of music by Dimas Sanchez and the Afro Latin Jazz Project.

7:30 pm master class
8:30 pm concert by Dimas Sanchez and the Afro Latin Jazz Project.

Mauricio Rodriguez – Bass
Mariano Morales – Piano
Zach Bornheimer – Sax
Jochy Rodriguez – Trumpet
Anthony Velazquez – Percussion
Dimas Sanchez – Drums and Percussion
Special guest Nora Lee Garcia – Flute

Funding for this program was in part provided through a grant from Florida Humanities with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of Florida Humanities or the National Endowment for the Humanities.

El viernes 4 de marzo tendremos dos actividades en Timucua Arts Foundation ( 2000 Summerlin Ave S, Orlando, FL 32806):

A las 7:30 pm una clase magistral con el percusionista congolés Thobos Lubamba y con un servidor, Dimas Sanchez. Hablando sobre la relación de la música de el Congo con la de Puerto Rico.

A las 8:30 pm tendremos un concierto de mi grupo Dimas Sanchez & Afro Latin Jazz . La actividad es gratis, pero se tienen que registrar en el enlace provisto abajo.

Ambas actividades pueden ser vistas presencial o en linea al registrarse.


Mauricio Rodriguez – Bajo
Mariano Morales – Piano
Jochy Rodriguez – Trompeta
Anthony Ruben Velazquez Lugo – Percusión
Zach Bornheimer – Saxofón
Dimas Sánchez – Batería
Nora Lee Garcia – Artista Invitada , Flauta…/education-dimas…

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