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I will not call names nor point fingers (you know who you are), it is simply not my style. However, I will speak on it. As an Indie Writer/Author (Self-Publisher) with KDP Amazon, a Published Poet – did my own books & others; working on 2 more as we speak, a Licensed Business Owner – not making profits as I would like but that too shall change – determination is key, CEO of my own magazine-blog – we maybe monetizing soon, a licensed Notary, a Podcaster, and more…I say this to say MORALS & INTEGRITY!!! In EVERYTHING that I do... It is my way, and embroidered into my natural CODE OF ETHICS. No, it does not mean I am better than or that I have not or do not make mistakes. It means that because of mistakes and life’s experiences, I have learned how to hold myself to a higher standard of existence, especially when I am assisting others.

To those Publishers, that are not only over-charging Creatives to get their books done, and robbing them blind as well in the process, SHAME ON YOU!!! I have even heard stories where Creatives books and works are literally held hostage, some never to be seen again. Some Publishers are robbing and skimming off the sales & royalties of a Creatives book(s).
WTH!!! 🤬🤬🤬

You make it difficult for people to trust others in the business. Also, Creatives that are seeking services, PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES and ask questions. Stop feeding your fears and ignorance, because some will take advantage of you. This is the age of knowledge. You can practically Google & Youtube everything. At the very least? Learn the basics of what you are doing and want done. Also, know that the cost to publish your book can range from $200-$2,500. It all depends on the work needed. Publishing on Amazon is the easiest. The abundance of the work comes from the manuscript building, formatting, proofreading, editing, creating the bookcover, etc.

So to those greedy & dishonest Publishers, trust when I say, people know that you are robbing them, or will know, sooner or later “for whatever is in darkness, must come out to light” (old Jamaican adage).
HAH! Watch That Karma👀

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