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POETRY’S – Zdenka Mlinar (Croatia)

Zdenka Mlinar writes poetry and prose, but also short-form pieces (aphorisms, haiku …). She published seven independent collections of poems and is a member of several literary societies and associations. She writes using the Croatian standard, in English, and embarks on the adventure of writing in Croatian dialects.
She published haiku poems in many domestic and foreign journals and anthologies.
Her haiku poems are represented in the bilingual Anthology of Croatian Haiku Poetry “Unharvested Sky 2” (2008-2018). Her name has been recorded in the Register of the Haiku Foundation, and in 2019, 2020, and 2021, she was in the TOP 100 haiku poets in Europe. Her poems have been translated into English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, and Romani, and many have been combined with music.
For her work, she received a number of awards, recognitions, commendations, certificates, cups, and medals.


I can’t resist your call, oh Love Song.
My soul is being exposed by your seduction, still…

With my arms spread, my steps hasten, I sing light notes.
Really! A constellation is winking at me, up there
In the celestial sphere…
There’s a chance it feels a strong arrhythmia of my heart.
I loved, and I love that irresistible call.
Now and again, its propeller takes me into its vortex
Growing stronger day by day, trust me, my dear.

A swollen river I am, covered with the wings of happiness.

Living in my womb, you are a cure for all my pains;
Oh, Love song, I love you, and I love Him.
Veins are full of nectar which I need from you,
Erato and Apollo of my heart, tears of joy…

Sacred gifts, the pride of life, my muses, that’s what you are;
Ornaments of your splendor adorn the crown of fairy-tale happiness;
Now my soul is cleansed, with strings of verses,
Guarding you, oh Love song, in the embrace of my dreams.

Zdenka Mlinar


Dear friend, if a grain of wheat has to rot
And, in the pleasure of pain, a new kind can give,
Then, we too are carrying life burden with a smile
Bagging for the light of God for those who need.

Let’s not shake our hands
around the wealth and wisdom,
use the power of the spirit,
and share it with those who miss it.
We paint our Mother Earth,
with the beauty of heart and soul,
And her children breastfeed
with the radiance of any good deed.

Dear friend, we feed the collective consciousness with love,
By our letters as a weapon of non-violence, equality we build.
Awakening the light of freedom, for the weaker one who rushes for the grace,
The light, which Mahatma Gandhi’s deeds and words embrace!

Zdenka Mlinar


Verses, those mirrors to a soul,

Every poet’s, yours and mine

Sources that snuff darkness out,

Food and water, sacred bonds.

The abundance that promises:

Faith in disbelief, hope in hopelessness,

A primordial life raft.

And they are the source of the love that the universe celebrates.

Bridges. And they are our verses.

Hurricane bora and silence,

Salty tears where whirlwind wars are.

Blinks of conciliatory heights,

Mirrors murky from river depths.

Heralds of stolen springs,

Emerging pearls of new centuries.

Zdenka Mlinar, Croatia


The body wants to fall asleep,

But thoughts don’t want to,

They would like,

Together with the eyelids that sweat,

Even more beauty for me to create.

From the words, they would build towers

The hands of injustice, they would tear;

They would heal the severe wounds,

And the stars down from the sky, they would take…

With the words, they would build towers;

The hands of injustice, they would tear;

They would heal the severe scars,

And, off the sky, take down the stars…

The body follows them blindly;

For it always finds

Only noble beautiful,

Nested in a golden chariot,

It races to the big sun…

Oh, my thoughts, do you know

How much beauty for me you create?

Zdenka Mlinar, Croatia

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