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🌹✒️POETRYS – Sunita Grover✒️🌹


Sunita Grover Raina (pen name) was raised in Kolkata, West Bengal,India. She is originally from Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India. She graduated from Jadavpore University with an honours degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy. She retired as the Director of Drugs Control for the state of West Bengal. She was always an active sports person and represented her university as a captain for Table Tennis. She is fond of animals and loves music.

She suddenly started writing poetry in March ‘ 21 , at a ripe age of 61 and posted her poems in several online forums. She has won many awards and is well accepted as a natural poetess. She has never read poetry, except in her school days. She is working on her first book of poems which might be ready for publication by August ’22.


Dedicated to Younas Rehman

If I could have

your magical quill

What lovely poems

I could have spilled

Though I too write

and place my thoughts

When read your poems

to heaven brought

A craving wish

takes birth within

To write like you ,

poems look a twin

I feel like stealing

all your poesies

Tie them tightly ,

use as rosaries

You are a poet

who speaks ‘HIS’ words

Your soul I read,

my soul you stirred

If I was got here

to rhyme and chime

It was also to read

your poems sublime.

©sunita grover raina2022




My love flies

with the fragrance of jasmine

to his door step

If you smell jasmine

know it is me

I do get whiffs of

sweet smelling flowers

reaching my room.

Strange those flowers are

not around me

But it touches me and goes

A pure soul passed by

or a lover’s thought

reached me

But surely


Believe it or not

Love thoughts

do travel as fragrances

These may even be

from past births

And your receptors

Can sniff them out

as police dogs

Try it out

with the one you love

of this birth.

©sunita grover raina2021




You keep asking me

how much I love you dear

Can I say two cups full, five bottles full

Absurd is it not

But still I love the twinkle in your eyes

When I say , as much as there is

water in the ocean

And the ocean will never dry

My dear, my love for you

will be over flowing

from all the four chambers

of my heart

But still I love the twinkle in your eyes

When I spread my arms wide apart

and say this much

From one pole to the other pole of earth

My dear, my love for you

will ever be expanding

Just as this universe is

continuously forming

I love the love in your eyes

I love the love in your smile

The childish giggle touches my heart

as if you were given the moon

While I see my moon in full bloom

And they talk about the one in the sky.

©sunita grover raina2022



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