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🌹✒️POETRYS – Sayeeda Sharmin✒️🌹

Sayeeda Sharmin

Author Sayeeda Sharmin is a bilingual Bangladeshi Canadian Poet and a Reciter and translator who was born on November 09 in Bangladesh. She has been involved himself in literature since a noticeably young age.

She enjoys expressing and crafting the world issues through her poetry. Her poetries also translated into different languages in English
Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Tamil, Italian, France, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese,
Korean, etc. as well as included in so many anthologies around the world.

She has published several English and Bengli poetry, Novels and other books. Her first book was published in 1995. In 2009, It mentioned here that her poetry book “Josnay Camouflage” had inaugurated at Dhaka National Press Club, Bangladesh where many famous authors and reporters were presented at the inauguration ceremony to celebrate her. Sharmin’s poetry books were translated in many different languages English, Bangladeshi, Spanish, French, Italian.

She received few awards for singing, poetry recitation from the Shishu Academy, and the Shilpkola Academy in Bangladesh and many others.
Recently she achieved SahityaPata Kabi Nazrul Islam Award-2022 for her contributions to world literature.

Pem-1. Nature

Look around the nature
Today they have protested
Within the blink of an eye
Everything has been destroyed And has taken away the power of human
The lakes have been dry
The land has been dissolved
It’s time we ask for forgiveness
Of the pain, we have caused
to the nature
The nature, who had given us
the love and nurture
For years after years.
Look around the nature.

Poem-2. Just Blind

We can’t remember
Or wish not to remember
The past of our lives
We became accustomed
To an another country
And mixing within the culture
Where we have forgotten
Of our own culture
We have forgotten our families
We forgot the feeling of our fresh air
We forgot the birds chirping across the horizon
We have forgotten the mountain of rivers
The sailor sailing the boat
Deep into the river
Where there is no ending
We have begin to forget or have forgotten about our country
A river of bloodshed
Just for our freedom
I can’t recall when was the last time
I heard the beautiful tune
Of the bird, nightingale
I have forgotten the taste of
Of those sweet delicious pitha
In the cold winter morning
Today, we live in an another country
Staring up to a different sky
Don’t even seem to notice the
Leaves falling
I can’t sit by the river of dark water
I seem to have forgotten everything
And begin to mingle into a new culture
Where everything is like a nest
Of unknown around me
Into a deep darkness
Of blindness of blind and blind and blind.

Poem- 3. Silence Into Poetry

I pour all my silence into poetry
As I listen to the tune of the violin
My imagination takes me into a
Golden dream of a beautiful pathway
My loneliness slowly
Disappears into white clouds
My deep sorrow began to form
Into beautiful poetry.

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  1. Beautiful poems from a sensitive heart… Thank you dear Sayeeda Sharmin! Bloom wherever you are planted. Let the fragrance spread… ❤️

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