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🌹✒️POETRYS – Nazish Hafeez, aka Fatima Usman (India)✒️🌹

Pen name Fatima Usman (Nazish Hafeez)

You should read her poems to know her deep thought processing…Fatima Usman is a renowned Fiction writer and English poet, from Lahore, Pakistan. The Daily Times says “Fatima Usman is bold enough to knit her stories based on bitter truth.”

She did her Masters in English Language.
She is a freelancer working as a
Scriptwriter, VoiceOver artist and
Language trainer. She designed  Polio Eradication campaign for UNICEF, she scripted “Gems and jewelry of Pakistan” for USAID, under JE Austin.

She recently wrote a feature drama for Radio Pakistan. Her work of Urdu fiction is published in at least three books and many magazines in Pakistan and India.


I am sleeping, dreaming of you,

I hear your voice

like a whispering wind

gliding through my body

kissing my forehead…

I open my eyes wide,

sit for a second,

and start to Run,

following the air that hold your scent,

I reach in middle of The trees,

the forest of whispering pines…

I still can hear your voice

while breathing in your scent

but you are nowhere to be seen,

Like Always…..!

I come back to my place,

with aching heart,

I look at my feet and smile

like always…

My feet are drenched in blood,

Ankles are Sore,

As I always Run towards you,

following you anywhere

in such a haste,

I am Always Barefoot…

Fatima Usman

Mine …

I love the Blue

of an Ocean

I love its depth which buries the dark

and Reflects the light…

I love the Blue

of the sky

that holds the mysteries 

Serves as anyone’s hideaway…

Blue is the bright,

the comforting,

and hide my tears so well…

He is the Sky to me,

He is my ocean,

Blue is what’s My love is

I love the Blue…

Fatima Usman

The Breathing Water…

Here is the river I cried for you 

I melted away slowly to give it life,

Take it , its yours…

You can dive and discover

the world underlying 

buried in my emotions,

Drowned rays of hope

never to surface,

Some hidden pearls of romance,

Broken treasure of ruby heart


the Sunken ship of love…..

Here is the river i cried for you,

Its Yours ….

Fatima Usman

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