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🌹✒️POETRYS – Metin Yildirim✒️🌹


Metin Yıldırım, Poet, Gleeman, Driving Teacher. He worked for 4 years in Libya and 5 years in Iraq. He is retired.
He was born and raised in Antakya on 04.03.1954. He lives in Antakya. He lived in the Netherlands for 11 months. He speaks Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, a little English. World Spanish Writers Union Turkey Cultural Director. He writes poems about life and the environment.

Receives awards:

1. Uhe onion Hispanomundial de Escritores Escudo de plata
2.World literature forum for peace and Human rights international ambassador of peace.
3. Aguila de oro 2021.
4. Certificate of merit the writers day .
5. Avard certification 2021.
6. La union Hispanomundial at Escritores.uhe .
7. Certificate of Application.lfch.
8. Premio mundial 2020 cesar valleie Ala exelencia cultural.


For months, we ran for years, land, land, love.
Up close from Iraq, none of us caught love.
We cried, we laughed, we got into stunned stalemates.
With bittersweet feelings, we were devastated, we couldn’t get out of the business.

Love was a crazy flowing, roaring river.
You can’t stop, you can’t set, it will find its way.
It is the tiny heart that loves the source, it flows and it flows.
Love is bitter and sweet feelings that make you cry and laugh.

Is it a disease, is it madness, love is perhaps a heartbreak.
When it comes to love, everyone takes a deep breath and sighs.
No one knows love without living it.
It is not caught, it is not seen, it finds its way and passes into hearts.

It is a shirt of fire that burns like a volcano.
Neither the pouring rains nor the flowing rivers extinguish it.
The law knows no barriers, love is blind, sometimes fatal.
Love is a great infatuation, as if to die madly.

We wandered around the mountains like crazy.
We were amazed by the flowers and the beauties of nature.
We watched the birds flying and butterflies flying from flower to flower.
We believed in the power of love, which beautifies the world, nature and souls.



If I were a bird, if I took off, I would fly and fly and land on your window.
Let me sing and sing a song for you to shut up.
If you listen to the sound of a bird and pay attention to the window.
What song do the birds sing?
If you’re told I don’t know.

What’s not to know, the birds sing and sing their love songs.
We all grew up with the sound and love of birds, we watched and saw them.
Sometimes we caged it, sometimes we stroked it and blew it up.
We listened to their songs a lot, and we learned about love from the birds.

The doves land from branch to branch, walk side by side and dust.
Wherever they fly, they invite love to love.
Where birds are present; there is love and happiness.
We learned a lot from the intense bird sounds in the gardens and countryside.

Migratory birds come in the spring;
They nest in trees on ceilings.
In autumn, they return to their country with their offspring.
Birds do no harm to anyone, they are here today in Yemen tomorrow.
Identity wallet is not searched; They enter and leave the country they want.

All around the world;
Birds add beauty to the environment.
Chirping sounds entities; turn nature into paradise.
Birds’ greatest fears; caught by hunters.
This is a part of the land of paradise, how do the birds cook?


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