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🌹✒️POETRYS – Marlene Pasini 🌹✒️

Poet & {P.L.O.T.S.} Creatives Magazine Ambassador (Mexico)

Marlene Pasini, Mexico

Communicator, writer and visual artist. Psychotherapist and coach in transpersonal

education, master’s degree in literature, diploma in history and Egyptology.

Author of 15 books (poetry, novel, essay, personal development) 200 international

recognitions and appointments: Cultural Director of the IFCH, Morocco, Counselor

of the Fayad Egyptian Cultural Forum, President of the Mexican Academy of

Modern Literature, Mexico City. World Ambassador of Peace and culture, different

organizations. Master Honoris Causa, AHCASA, Mexico Awards: Ibero-American

Literature Award by Fundación Liderazgo Hoy A.C., Mexico First place with

Certificate and medal as: International Literary Public Figure at the eleventh

Crimean Literary Festival.

Participation in 150 virtual and face-to-face International Art Exhibitions in 34

countries endorsed with Certificates. Published in more than 50 magazines and

cultural anthologies.

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