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ūüĆĻ‚úíÔłŹPOETRYS – Hamdia Fouad‚úíÔłŹūüĆĻ

Hamdia Fouad is a poet who was born and grew up in Sohag , a small governorate in Upper Egypt. There she went to the university to pursue her love of English literature.She adores English and writes poetry .Hamdia is a literary figure from the Middle East . She represents woman in the Middle East in particular and Arab woman in general. She shared in two anthologies with (UGS) Women of Passion and Women of Substance in 2016Her writings focus on non-traditional poetry that addresses common human themes.

The Flowing River 
At the bank of the river
I and myself walk together 
Just sitting alone there 
At the bank of the river 
Looking at the moon 
Its bright light shone 
Reflecting nature beauty 
Singing a sad melody 
Missing the company 
Looking for harmony 
With other people 
Suddenly I heard a voice 
Asking for a choice 
To have a faithful friend 
I agreed and did intend 
To have such a friend 
We sat together 
At the bank of the river 
Smelled the breeze 
Chat in ease 
He has magic touches 
I adore such 
Romantic hints 
I learn from him 
How to overwhelm 
My inner contradictions 
I learn also to resist 
Not to give up or be upset 
He creates hope in hearts 
He invokes such parts 
He has a distinguished character 
He has a positive power 
He is not fake 
He breaks obstacles of frustration 
In my action 
Giving you multi-option 
To discover my beauty 
With him, I got the glory 
Some kind of victory 
We will complete life journey together 
He is the flowing river. 

A Sparrow 
A flying sparrow 
Was hit by an arrow 
It came near 
Its heart 
It felt fear 
It was hard to see 
How free 
Was the sparrow 
And happy 
Joy has gone 
Nothing can be done 
It will not fly again 
With a broken wing in vain 
Heart stopped beating 
What a horrible feeling 
Of worry 
I felt sorry                                         What happened 
It reopened 
An old memory 
I thought I could bury 
But I could not 
I meant 
The more hearts burn 
The more our turn 
To strengthen our will 
Cannot do well 
I tried more and more 
To overcome 
And become 
Yet, the sparrow view 
Made me renew 
Unforgettable memory 
Of melancholy and worry 
To summarize 
I realize 
Such wounds are serious 
Can not be hidden 
They are obvious 
Moaned in heart 
What an innocent part! 

Top Secrets 
I try to hide 
What may guide 
Others to know 
What I can do 
You can call it secret 
You are right a little bit 
Secrets are various 
In obvious 
Degrees of importance 
Some have a chance 
To be told 
They are like gold 
Others must be held 
In hearts 
I mean those parts 
Which are closed 
They are used 
To hide secrets in 
Deep within 
When we are shy 
Can not weep or cry 
And when there is a need 
To hide something indeed 
We keep secrets for ourselves 
That is why I believe 
The mission is not easy 
We get busy 
Asking what is kept 
And what is said 
So top secrets 
Can not be told 
Even if you are bold. 

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