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WHO IS MICHAEL ST. GEORGE???… If you don’t know, now is the time to find out, about this Dub Poetry Phenomenon…

Michael St. George Internationally recognized in the world of dub poetry.

*bio derived from Facebook

We Had To Interview This Creative… So, get something nice to drink, a snack, and immerse yourself into the world of this Creative, Michael St. George

Brother Michael, what type of Poet do you consider yourself to be?

The poet is the person, the person is the poet. You are the type of poet/person your poetry is.

When did you know that you wanted to be a Poet?

There was no specific time. I know the value of self expression, especially to the individuals expressing. Poetry is one of many expressions for me. It has become more distinctive with time.

When did you start writing poetry?

When I started searching for meaning—meaning in life, its blows, its glories, and all therein.

What inspires you to write?

Possibilities, and the joy in the application, when one has something to create. Not knowing what could emerge with the effort, what you may discover in the process, about yourself, people, society. I also think I have a duty to write. It’s one of those power tools I was given to share.

What messages are you sending with your phenomenally dynamic piece, “I Will Not Submit?”

Your question acknowledges there are many messages in I Do Not Submit. The title is clear and indeed it’s a single message. The content, however, is delivered mostly in a prophetic manner is sections, proclaims truth. It also requires that we broaden our lens, dig deep, BE COURAGEOUS, seek clarity and take conscious actions to free our mind in the integration and interrogation of self.  

What do you think are some of Humanity’s vital issues & do you have any solutions?

Solutions work best when there is commitment and will, coupled with the knowledge of the benefit change brings. I think the main issue is a lack of knowledge in the benefit of equity and humility. Some get drunk by the grapes and don’t get to taste the wine.

What do you think needs to be addressed, in order to support & promote change in Jamaica?

Knowledge of self, which need time and funding. It supports and promote discipline and some of the things we touched on previously.

What are your views on Creativity & Entrepreneurship?

Creativity is the essence of life. It is important to create and if you are an entrepreneur. Only then do you truly manage and have control of your output and its benefits.

What was your most learning and or teaching moment?

I have had so many, I can’t identify them in singularity. Frankly, I see them as a collective continuum in each day on life’s journey. Each one informs and validates the other.

What advice would you give one, on sharpening their pineal gland?

The pineal gland is in a pine shape. It comes sharp! Some things are gifted in life. We must simply use them well.

What are your views on metaphysical existence & does it flow into your poetry?

Poetry exists in metaphysics. It’s not physical—it’s word, sound, power in its oral sense. It’s a system of vibration and we are just that.

How are you fulfilling or contributing to your life’s purpose?

Being intentional and having as much clarity as possibly in all I do.

What books, albums, or videos do you have available & where can we find them?

You can purchases them all at – I welcome the support.

And there you have it everyone. We thank you Brother Michael St. George, for you time, and for sharing yourself with the world.

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