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🌹✒️POETRYS -Dessy Tsvetkova (Bulgaria)✒️🌹

Dessy Tsvetkova is Bulgarian who writes also in English and currently lives in Belgium.

Dessy has 5 poetry books in Bulgarian, 1 in English – “Wind whispers”, and she compiled an Anthology “River of words”.
Dessy is member of Flemish Party for Poetry.
She won 1sr place for poetry in the World literature festival in Brashov, Romania, 2022.

Day of Shelter

I stand up at the balcony of the cape.
The sea today is calm and vivid.
Some distanced boats are melting shapes.
The seagulls make a cloud of flebid.
My sight is searching for a space to fly.
And here, all that vast in sunny blue…
My eyes have take me entirely high…
I found my shelter in the lights of hue.

Dessy Tsvetkova, Bulgaria


In the face of pain and misery
sometimes you are the target.
They ricochet in the temples,
vibrating pricks.
The heart speeds up like a locomotive
The barrel is smoking
the pupils dilate rapidly…
To get away
right out of ten
you have to go through the looking glass.

Dessy Tsvetkova, Bulgaria

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