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🌹✒️POETRYS – Bahriya Hassan✒️🌹


Bahriya Hassan

My name is Bahriya Hassan.
I am a 21 year old Nigerian.
I am studying microbiology, I’m a poet, short story- teller, and essayist.
I’ve written several poems and published in different magazines and blogs.
I write for passion and therapy.

I’m A Pearl Why all hands are pointing at me
And all eyes on me
Is it because I’m a girl

You push me to the wall
And make my life whirl
Stop!don’t turn me into a spall
For I’m a pearl
With dreams to fulfil
And feats to beat

You ban me to glow
Appraise me so slow
If I stand for my rights you said I’m a feminist
If I contest and protest you called me agonist

You say I’m idealistic
Because I believe in my vision
You want me to bury my mission
Just because of your illusion

Your daughter married happy
You think I’m chary
And my mind is not clarity
Because I didn’t get marry

Yes, I will tolerate all your contumely
And get a better future that vary
To suffer not from rigours of slavery

Yes,call me strange
For I’m just looking forward a change.

Bahriya Hassan

Be My Valentine
From the first day I glanced at you
The flame of love in your eyes
Sent out tongues of fire to my heart

Spreading fast like wildfire
Circulating in my blood
Triggering my sinus node
Making my heart pacing like a drum
Will you be my valentine?

Love lines tickle My brain
My pen dances in rhythm
And my fingers tremble
Will you be my valentine?

Like a drop in a sea I’m lost
In the vast ocean of your love
Without you,I will be lost
Like a dust swept by the Saharan wind.

Will snuggle in your arms
Woo me with your charms
You are my missing rib
Your touch feels unharm.

My charming affectionate
Forever I’m your passionate
Be My valentine and let our love blossom.

Bahriya Hassan

Poetry In My Mind
When I held my pen tight,
Emotion started flowing like River Nile,
At times I dance in cloud nine,
Or feel like crossing the line.

Verses tingled my brain and running through my spine,
My ink is deep down running my vein.

My words are wave that caress the shore,
Rising it high and low,
Until I penned them neat,
And feel inner peace,
Like early morning breeze.

Bahriya Hassan

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