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Due to the recent flooding of Pakistan, the Poets took to pen & paper, to help raise awareness and to gather contributions. They hope to raise funds, to send to their Pakistani family. It’s in time such as these, that we must band together & assist. 🌹🌎“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember? Namasté & One Love.”🌏🌹☀️❤️💛💚☀️

Poetry by Shahid Abbas: “The Pain,” – Recited By Zaneta Johns, & Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo: “Ocean of Tears” – Recited By Maxwanette A Poetess
Poetry Reciters

Poetry Written by Shahid Abbas: “The Pain,” & Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo: “Ocean of Tears.”
Image courtesy of PBS

Ocean of Tears

Gives life
How can it ironically be the cause of strife?
Creased foreheads, dried-up tears, fear across their faces,
Scantily-clad, famish children, sickly elderly
Thousands left homeless, an ocean of tears before humanity
A nation enveloped with anxiety, heaven have mercy.

All around a sea of muddy waters of Biblical proportions lay before me,
How can my heart not cry in secret when miserable souls suffer in vain?
Man-made catastrophe, who else is left to blame?
For we reap what we sow,
But must another nation experience the impact of climate change
When more developed countries leave a huge amount of carbon imprint?

Mother Nature calls our attention once more,
Heed the call, more powerful nations
Heed the call people of the Earth
Our Beloved Pakistan needs a loving, helping hand,
It is the time for solidarity, a time for brotherhood and unity
Set aside all differences, we are all One
Beyond races, colors, creeds, and beliefs
Let this Ocean of Tears be the catalyst to create an Ocean of Love
To make a ripple in the Universe
Feel the sincerity of my heart and my verse.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Copyright August 30, 2022

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