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POETRY & ARTS – Ilona Lakatos (Hungary)

Ilona Lakatos – Poetry, Language Of The Soul {P.L.O.T.S.} – Creatives Magazine Ambassador (Hungary)

I am Ilona Lakatos. I live in Hungary.
“The words that break out of our soul only reach their destination if they penetrate to the heart of the reader.”

 I write and paint. I plan, organize and conduct international virtual exhibitions.

My higher education: marketing and advertising manager.

The creative, creative part of this profession caught my attention, which I applied in civil life and later in the planning of virtual international exhibitions.

My first book of poems was published by an Austrian publisher under the title He understands. Over the years, several of my books have been published: The Orphan Musician, The Celebration of the Weekdays, About the Winning Life. Words of my soul.

From my writings published in Montázsmagazin, I put together the Bulvár a bit different series. Two volumes of Mama Ica’s fairy tales series, which are not only for children, have been published: Rezső, the bunny who stayed on the hop and other stories, Kaya, the brave little elephant and other stories. These are available as e-books on domestic and foreign book distribution sites (Líra, Libri, Google Play, Rakuten Kobo,…)

Also on Amazon, in English. For me, it is also a pleasure to appear in anthologies.

My writings have also been published in various magazines.

I won first place in several competitions and my writings were evaluated with different prizes.

In January 2022, I was invited to be the Hungarian coordinator of PILF 2022 (Panorama International Literature Festival).

I created the site “Creating People’s Side Virtual International Exhibition” – International Artists Gallery which is “Building a bridge between nations and artists.”

 I designed two large-scale projects. “MY COUNTRY – MY CITY” (September 2021) 170 artists from 43 countries participated in the exhibition.

240 artists from 57 countries presented themselves at the exhibition entitled “MY FREEDOM – MY ART (February 2022). The main feature of the exhibitions is that visual artists and poets could also apply.

Two collective exhibitions also took place: between Indonesia and Hungary, between Morocco and Hungary.

I started painting as a self-taught artist in 2013. I put the pictures of the paintings on the Facebook page and I was very happy with the positive feedback.

In 2021, by chance, I “stumbled upon” an international art group and slowly entered the circle of the international art world. Many relationships and friendships have been formed in the past period. I participate in art competitions and exhibitions. International Virtual Exhibitions: Norway, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Turkey, Italy, Costa Rica, Pakistan, Austria, Morocco, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Iraq, Brazil…


On my author page: poems, short stories, fairy tales…

I conducted interviews with people active in various fields of life – actress, film director, visual artists…


There is an empty place In memory of József Radanovics

You didn’t have bright clothes,
your fancy palace
you just blamed that street
and you swallowed its dust.

Sitting on the bare ground,
you waited, you asked for some crumbs.
I needed a drink to warm me up,
you deserve tomorrow
because it was a frosty, cold night your fireplace.

There were times when only stupor
gave “comfort”
but only to make it worth another day.
After all, you also longed for the
good and the beautiful.

You often had a book in your hand.
You read deeply, because you have
so little
nice word.

There were those who despised me,
looked down
but there were those who loved me
and if he could

You are gone because your life is
No one took your place.
If I go to
you are always there in my

With respect always,
you spoke with love.
even if you have more drinks
you consumed

An empty place in the dust of the
where much suffering, pain,
carried by a man alone,
in itself.

Yet his memory remains,
since those who have already
suffered in life,
do not stoop down with pride,
to the fallen, the poor.

An empty place, life goes on.
Your memory will remain in their
who loved me.

After all, you were human too,
just like anyone else.
You just didn’t have bright clothes,
your fancy palace.

Faithful Waiting

In the distance
on the promontory of the lonely
A bird is standing.
He searches the distance,
looking for a partner.

His heart is tired
full of hope.
Maybe he’ll come back again
and happy, beautiful days with it.

It’s getting late
he sleeps quietly, hiding in his
In his dream, they soar together
across the endless runes.

The warm wind wakes him up,
loneliness returns again.
She silently sheds her tears,
he is not cheered by the sun’s rays.

In his grief, he just goes around the
He doesn’t even notice
the young eagle attacking him.

Your life will end in a moment,
in the distance he still sees his
mate coming.
dream or reality
he doesn’t know anymore.

There is only a soft smile on his
Is this the happy ending?
He sees his beloved one more

In the distance
on the promontory of the lonely
a bird is standing.
He searches the distance,
looking for a partner.

He doesn’t know that she has
already returned home.
The days pass, he waits endlessly.
One day
he also fell asleep quietly.



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