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Poetry’s – James Tian

My Hopes

By James Tian

Won’t say any disgusting words for my own self-interest,
And doing some bad things to make myself repent in the future,
It’s the principle I’ll always adhere to.

Loving all my brothers and sisters in the world,
Without any restrictions,
It’s my belief that I’ll always adhere to.

To provide better services for all my friends and family members,
It’s the eternal ideal that I’ll always adhere to.

Where there is liberty,
There is my country,
which is the bottom line I’ll always adhere to.

What my treatment to this world,
Just the simple words:
Hug you and never move!

The China’s Lantern Festival, as always in wishes and blessings.Too many blessings had been expressed much times, but still, coz of the love full of heart always, whatever the friendships or others,once the love appears in my heart, that I can just feel I’m really alive. May God be with us forever, and may the dawns never and ever died.🏮🏮🌹😊🙏❤️

Galaxy In Silvery

By James Tian

Did you feel powerless always
Especially at midnights,
And felt lonely unexpectedly,
Between the dim light?
Oh look at the galaxy,
Just sighing that you lost your smile.
Come on and return to brave,
The breeze of your voice is clear now in sight.

Remember my friends that you’re not alone on the road of life,
There are still thousands of hopes waiting on your future time.
Just got someone’s said that the blessings can be achieved by our true souls and delight,
Don’t forget at that moment that I’m one of your guys.

Lonely nights,
The lonely wounds will be cured by the candlepower that be ignited from your eyes.
The shadow of god,
May become the most love and very surprise.

Snowy hearts,
The snowy white will heal our surroundings in selflessness of bright.
Ah it’s that warmth waving and dispersing the cold and sorrow,
Simple as so but the truth’s just like.

The unique existence is a kind of warmth similar to the spring breeze. Irreplaceable concern is a wonderful feeling from the flowers’ country. No vines, no flowers. Happy Women’s Day, my dear friend,love you 🌹❤️😘😊

The Roses Blossom In March,The Whole Packages

By James Tian

As the fire burning at nights,
You’re the men’s ribs!
From the eastern sides to western shores,
So equally lovely both Gaia and Lilith.

Just like the owner of the Golden Apple,
Each one of you now is the most beauty.
Being grateful always to you especially today,
May thanks can be touched than anytime in free.

Oh dear females happy Women’s Day,
Oh my wife,mom and so on you’re all the same in great.
Thanks for our life and thanks for our fate,
Together with this moment and enjoying it like a dream.

Oh dear females happy Women’s Day,
A point of tears shared from my scream.
This is the happiness for you like a drop of gem,
It’s worthy of you to get all the praise.

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