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Jamaica’s 11-Year Old, Poetry Princess – Courtney Greaves

“…and the youths shall lead them.”

My name is Courtney Greaves, and I am 11 years old. I am a poet, writer, philanthropist and child’s rights advocate. I attend Jessie Ripoll Primary School ( St. Andrew, Jamaica West Indies) and I am a grade 6 student. I was
inspired to be a poet by Miss Louise Bennett Coverly. She taught me to love my language. In the future, I want to become a pediatrician.

Courtney Greaves


Interview With Courtney Greaves (August 2022)

1. What type of poet do you consider yourself to be?

○ I am a speech poet who speaks about current affairs.

2. When did you know you wanted to be a poet?

○ I knew I wanted to be a poet at age 8.

3. When did you start writing poetry?

○ I started writing poetry at age 7, but I took it more seriously when I was 8.

4. What inspires you to write?

○ I am inspired to write about the current affairs in Jamaica.

5. What messages are you sending to your readers and listeners?

○ I am sending positive messages of strength and advocacy.

6. What do you think are some of Humanity’s vital issues & do you have any solutions?

○ One of Humanity’s vital issues is crime and violence. Some solutions for this are unity,
social intervention, etc.

7. What do you think needs to be addressed to promote & support change in your community, state, province, or country?

○ The issue of crime and violence should be solved.

8. What are your views on Creativity & Entrepreneurship?

○ They help to promote businesses, a person, and the country.

9. What was your most learning and or teachable moment?

○ When my mom became ill, it taught me to multi-task even more in my school work and
other things, especially how to administrate medication and take blood sugar.

10. What advice would you give to the Youth today?

○ Focus on your schoolwork, and together let’s fight against crime and violence.

11. If you could share a message with Humanity, what would it be?

○ Love one another as god loves you.

12. How are you fulfilling or contributing to your life’s purpose?

○ I am fulfilling my life’s purpose by being a philanthropist and child’s rights advocate.

13. What books, albums, or videos do you have available, and where can we find them?

○ I am working on my book of poems, and you can find videos of my poems on YouTube.

14. As we recently celebrated Women’s History Month, this past March, what do you think are some major issues that women & young girls deal with in society today, and what suggestions do you have that may provide a solution?

○ Women and girls today are victims of inequality as people believe that women are
weaker and can do less than men. It can be fixed by allowing people to know the power
of a woman and the critical roles they play in society today.

Crisis, Crisis!
Education inna crisis.
Children a bawl,
a who fah fault?
Teachers a bawl,
a who fah fault?
Money gone missin’,
What a cocka-fault! Who really at fault?
Crisis, Crisis!
Everything inna crisis.
Legacy gone,
Inspiration gone,
School a lockdung
A nuh covid fault!
Crisis, Crisis!
Police inna crisis!
Crisis, Crisis!
Hospital inna crisis!
Crisis, Crisis!
The worl’ inna crisis!
What a cocka-fault

August 2022

Princess Mpeh
Courtney & Her Mother

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