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Creative Poet/Chef: Marj DaPoet (Jamaica)

Poet/Author/Actress/Songwriter/Chef & More!… Marjorie Walters aka Marj DApoet Born in St. Mary, Marjorie grew up in 2 state care facilities, and her
mother died, when she was a baby. She’s an
Author of over 700 pieces and counting,
featured on many platforms;
Real Stuff podcast
Entertainment Hub
UVC radio
Zed Regal Bristol
& a host of others

Marj da poet: Marj Dapoet Walters
Author of Highways Byways & Beyond
Borders Barriers & Boundaries
Writer of 20212 place festival song Love Jamaica my Land
Bronze & merit awarded for Poetry
Featured in Canadian news letter
Featured in Dallas newspaper
Featured in Silent spark press
Featured in Jamaica Observer
Featured in Stardom 101 magazine Virgina
Featured in The Beyond Woman Magazine
Nominated for Govenor General award
Certified HHA
Certified CPR
Community Advocate  

Marjorie Walters (Marj DApoet Wltrs)

Highways, Byways & Beyond

Borders, Barriers, & Boundaries
Reality Written In Poetic Form

The Poet Can Cook!

Saute Shrimp & Veg Platter
Coconut Banana loaf
Fruit & Veggie Platter
Mini Fruit Kebabs Dish
Pumpkin & Irish Saute Veg & Baked Chicken
Pumpkin Juice w/Oats & Peanut Soy Milk
Creamy Coconut Pasta w/ Fresh Vegetables
Oven Baked BBQ Wings in Honey Sauce
Seasoned Rice – Consisting of Ackee, Saltfish and Other Seasoning
Lunch Special: Curry Coconut Shrimp, Creamed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, Fried Plantains & Vegetables
Grilled Bad Dawg Sausages
Shrimp & Fish-Head Soup w/ All the Ground Provisions
Oats, Flaxseed, Soy Milk, & Ripe Banana – Stamina Punch 👊🏾
Seasoned Red Snapper
Brown Stew Snapper
Oats Porridge w/Flaxseed, and Brown (Wheat)

Boiled Banana (green),
Callaloo, & Fried Plantains
Fried Fish, Garnished w/Onions, & Pepper Sauce (made with vinegar)
“Me on the grill, making jerk chicken seasoned and soaked in red stripe beer.”
-Marjorie Walters aka Marj DApoet

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